Bond Outlook by bridport & cie, May 25 2011

Whether the EUR or USD is “stinkier” is debateable, but it is clear that political considerations are taking precedence over economic both for possible QE3 and defence of the euro.

Bond Outlook by bridport & cie, May 18 2011

Prevarication is the order of the day: postpone the day of reckoning for the Federal debt ceiling to August 2nd and delay proper resolution of Greek’s problems by extending maturities.

EuromoneyFXNews talks to Deutsche’s Zar Amrolia

With electronic trading more important than ever, Zar Amrolia, Deutsche Bank’s global head of foreign exchange, says that investment in people and technology will keep the bank in the driving seat with Autobahn.

Fred Goodwin's super-injunction: Secrets and lies

Sir Fred Goodwin, ex-chief executive of RBS, who found himself the lightning rod for UK public anger over the financial crisis in 2008, seems to have again served himself up on a plate to the UK media for ridicule.

CEE: Work in progress

After decades of neglect, infrastructure in central and eastern Europe is in urgent need of upgrading.

Investment banks eye the last frontier: Africa

African deals are increasing in number but what is the best way for investment banks to get involved? Dominic O’Neill finds out what the key players in Johannesburg, London and Dubai are thinking.