UAE: to bond or not to bond

UAE federal finance ministry director general Younis Al Khouri tells Dominic O’Neill about plans to help the local financial sector, above all by creating a dirham bond benchmark.

UAE federal finance chief speaks to Euromoney

Younis Al Khouri, director-general of the UAE federal finance ministry, speaks about his department’s cash injections into the banking sector, and his plans for the first UAE-wide sovereign bond.

Banking isn’t working

Many of the world’s leading banks are struggling to cross a key threshold in their business – where their return on equity exceeds their cost of equity.

China: A clueless chase to nowhere in particular

When, a few decades into the future, we cast our minds back to the early years of the 21st century, how will China shape up in historical perspective? Moreover, how are we likely to view the country’s leaders in these fulcrum years: Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, president and premier from 2003 to 2013?

Japan’s shaken markets survive the test

The earthquake that devastated Japan put its markets under severe strain, with huge volumes of orders stressing systems, and bank and brokerage staff unsure whether to keep serving clients or flee.

Bond Outlook by bridport & cie, March 23 2011

Japanese rebuilding, the Arab Awakening and China’s “Lewis turning point” all point to good news for Western economies wanting to increase exports, but bad for T-Bonds and interest rates.

Banks take big risks in government bonds

Erstwhile cornerstone investors have fled the worst-affected parts of the developed-world government bond markets as credit concerns infect the once risk-free rates world.