Macau: Lady luck turns east

Macau has plenty to celebrate: gambling revenues are up, conference business is growing and investors have piled into a pair of high-profile IPOs.

Bond Outlook December 2 2009

What a paradox: Bernanke’s exit strategy with its “reverse repo” plan, now under test, seems deliberately designed to discourage bank lending and prolong the period of mediocre growth.

Lloyd Blankfein: Goldman pays the price of success

Assailed on all sides for preparing to pay huge bonuses from a financial market kept alive by systemic government support, Lloyd Blankfein is having to fight Goldman’s corner almost as fiercely as when the crisis was at its worst.

Bank stocks: Why Citi could win big

Talk to investors in financial stocks for background on profiles of Citi and Goldman Sachs and they assume Euromoney is working up a simple comparison between the biggest loser and the biggest winner in investment banking from the near collapse of the financial system.