Blankfein interview: Goldman pays the price of success

Assailed on all sides for preparing to pay huge bonuses from a financial market kept alive by systemic government support, Lloyd Blankfein is having to fight Goldman’s corner almost as fiercely as when the crisis was at its worst.

Bond Outlook November 11 2009

Maybe the end quantitative easing will not lead to inflation, but it will add to the pressure to steepen yield curves as government borrowing moves to financial markets.

Alwaleed stands firm

The Middle East’s best-known international investor says his faith in capitalism remains unshaken.

Bond Outlook November 4 2009

Two problems are looming: the end of quantitative easing in the short term and reduction of debt to GDP at government level in the long term.

European banking: EU bares its teeth

Uncertainty is growing over the scope and scale of restructuring plans to be imposed by the EU Competition Commission on European banks that have been kept alive by state aid.

The EU shows its teeth over Lloyds

Divestment plans to be imposed on Lloyds show the EU competition commission will not let European banks off the hook lightly for their past sins.