Is the bank stock rally over?

It is possible that the cosy narrative of crisis giving way to healing and recovery in the global banking industry might not progress quite so smoothly.

Bond Outlook October 21 2009

Current improvement in corporate earnings and stock and credit markets depend on cheap money, lower wages and higher productivity.

Bond Outlook October 14 2009

Some investors see credit and inflation risk so high that capital protection is their main preoccupation; others see the rewards of low-credit bonds continuing for some months.

Investment Banking: Geoghegan moves

The news that HSBC’s chief executive, Michael Geoghegan, will move to Hong Kong has been greeted as further proof of the importance of Asia to the world’s top banking franchises.

Bond Outlook October 7 2009

In revamping the current failed regulatory system in the USA, an HBS professor proposes moving from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism, replacing opportunism for an elite.

Investors squeezed in market melt-up

From a journalist’s point of view it is very refreshing to be writing about investors pouring into a market and achieving more than 50% returns year to date – it feels quite like old times.

Abigail Hofman: Tarp and the Whistleblower Hotline

Merckle may have committed suicide because his empire was floundering but if I were a senior manager of a bank that is still in receipt of funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (Tarp), I might feel a little suicidal myself.

Abigail Hofman: Barclays – Misguided or misjudged?

In December 2008, I wrote a piece about Barclays, criticizing the expensive £7 billion capital-raising from Middle East investors and the decision to purchase Lehman’s US broker-dealer last September when the outlook for investment banking was at its most opaque.

World Bank/IMF special focus: Global economic outlook and financial stability

In this special edition, Euromoney announces its annual Finance minister and Central bank governor of the year awards; interviews Paul Tucker, deputy governor Bank of England, who outlines his tough message to banks on capital and other regulatory requirements; and presents its country risk index, containing global economic projections and political risk rankings.