Bond Outlook July 29 2009

Much cash chasing financial assets may have led to disconnect between positive financial markets and a negative underlying economy.

Bond Outlook July 22 2009

Talk of an exit strategy seems premature when the whole process of rebalancing, led as it is by China resurgence, will take so long, and the US fundamentals out right.

Bond Outlook July 15 2009

Is this decoupling that we behold? An L-shaped recession for the USA and something approaching a V for the rest of the world may be in the making.

Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2009

HSBC and Credit Suisse win top honours in Euromoney Awards for Excellence; Ackermann receives Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Markets

Bond Outlook July 8 2009

A positive side in the shift in economic power from West to emerging Asia: growing consumption in China inter alia looks like pulling the world economy out of recession.

CDS: Sweet SNACs?

The CDS market is hoping that the move to central clearing will silence its critics.

M&A: Why so quiet?

US bank consolidation is hanging fire; Will private equity firms jumpstart the market?

I can do that. Gissa job!

Jobs are scarce and job interviews competitive but how far would you go to get noticed? From a recent survey by, an online jobs site in the US, apparently candidates are willing to try any tricks.