Bond Outlook February 25th

When the sense of outrage has calmed down, the entire risk-encouraging bankers’ bonus system will require a second look.

Bond Outlook February 18th

In a sense the bank lending market is handing over to the corporate bond market, which offers opportunities alongside many dangers.

Geithner botches bailout plan

New US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner took just three weeks to disappoint those hoping he could find a way to bailout US banks and give a lead to the rest of the world.

Bond Outlook February 11th

To encourage bank lending in the USA, the new Administration is following a stealth policy of moving bad assets to the Fed and good assets to the banks.

Bond Outlook February 4th

One month into 2009 and the world seems to have reached a fork in the road: either some positive fruits of the many rescue packages will start to appear, or the recession will really worsen and turn into a depression.

Deutsche Bank's disheartening loss

The scale of the loss at RBS plus the talk of full nationalization and the circumstances at Merrill Lynch diverted attention from Deutsche Bank.