Bond Outlook January 9th

For perhaps the first time in a hundred years, the world economy may be able to expand despite a slowdown, or even a recession, in the USA.

Brazil: Prospects brighten for retail equity investment

Local retail investors will become a bigger force in Brazilian equity offerings, according to senior investment bankers, after Banco do Brasil completed a transaction last month that attracted record interest from individuals in a single deal.

Asian market round-up: Friends in need

Japan’s three megabanks have been asked by US counterparts to contribute $5 billion apiece to the fund they are setting up to bail out cash-stricken structured investment vehicles hit by the sub-prime crisis.

Principal protection

Many structured notes come with a promise that at maturity investors would at least get their initial investment back.

Samruk: the outsider’s inside story

Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has decreed the creation of a state holding company, roughly on Singaporean/Malaysian lines, to oversee and rationalize the country’s lucrative but inchoate collection of state-owned companies and foster corporate governance.

Regulation: NFA clamps down on dealers

US regulator the National Futures Association decided not to wait to see what impact an increase in the minimum net capital requirement from $1 million to $5 million would have on its forex dealer members (FDMs).

Private banking awards announced

The research shows a genuine and substantial increase in private wealth and comes as the global economy continues to battle the effects of this summer’s US sub-prime crisis, proving that while some major investment banking arms and hedge funds suffered losses, private banks have had a bumper year.

Latin American perpetual bonds surpass expectations

A bull-market product that would crash and burn in the event of a credit crisis: that was the view that many critics held of perpetual bonds – a fundraising instrument that has been all the rage in the region in recent years.