Bond Outlook November 1st

Will the rest of the world pick up where the USA leaves off? Opinions vary totally, but on that question hangs the future of the world economy.

Money talks, hedge fund employees walk?

With falling returns for hedge funds, it looks as if a trend might be developing for their employees to return to less risky, better remunerated roles in investment banks.

ECB Watch: One size doesn’t fit all. So what?

As recently as May this year, following the two 25 basis point increases of December 2005 and March 2006 that raised the European Central Bank’s main refinancing rate to 2.5%, ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet was speaking of the “still very low levels of nominal and real interest rates across the whole maturity spectrum”.

Mixed fate for IPOs

Strange market conditions prevail as companies face investors that are spoilt for choice and hedge funds that are increasingly cautious.

Hybrid capital: set to be big in Japan?

Investment banks in Japan are preparing to compete for a share of the lucrative market for corporate hybrid capital issuance that they hope will develop following retailer Aeon’s pioneering 50-year security.

Baillie Gifford: Equities now and forever

Baillie Gifford is one of Scotland's most respected investment managers, which has grown to over £44 billion of assets under management without ever leaving its Edinburgh base.

Bond Outlook October 25th

The great debate goes on: will the next change in the Fed rate, some months off, be up or down? Most of the banks think "down" because the US economy will stall; most of the fund managers think "up" because inflation is still threatening.

The Lazard story

Euromoney hass reported on some of the more interesting people and events in recent Lazard history.

Wealth management battle intensifies

In an increasingly competitive landscape, wealth managers are facing the possibility of losing clients to rivals unless they improve in several key areas.

Cheers: Nylons, sauce, shadows and smells

Uproar among Nylons; Banker complains about a woman — in his bed; One investment bank's efforts described as: “A shadow of its former shadow”; Riddle of the week: Can you run a syndicate department without being present at the event?; Congratulations to the new global head of syndicate in Merrill Lynch’s FICC division.

Work to live not live to work

How do you keep the best talent? Pressing the pause button on a career in investment banking; Sex, beaches, bankers, Brazilians and videotape.