Hybrid capital: Latin issuance stays strong

Despite a downturn in emerging markets, Latin American companies are eager to tap the developing hybrid securities market to raise money to recapitalize their balance sheets without affecting their credit ratings or causing equity dilution.

Dubai Financial buys into Malaysian bank

Dubai Investment Group subsidiary Dubai Financial has bought a 40% stake in Malaysia’s oldest Shariah-compliant bank, Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (BIMB) – the group’s largest single investment in the Asian financial sector to date.

Bond Outlook July 19th

A look a continued inflationary pressures coming through in the US and likely effects on US Monetary Policy.

Stan O'Neal interview: "It's powerful if you have an organization on the same page"

What lessons did Stan O’Neal learn from the restructuring of Merrill Lynch at the turn of the decade? What are Merrill’s plans in mortgages, private equity and asset management? And what continues to drive Merrill’s CEO forward? O’Neal reveals all to Clive Horwood in his first in-depth interview since becoming the firm’s chairman and CEO.

Bond Outlook July 12th

While Stephen Roach of MSI criticises Bernanke over “flip-flopping”, we find him quite consistent in quietly squeezing US borrowing till the housing bubble ends and credit expansion slows.

Bond Outlook July 5th

The flight to safety has eased but only temporarily, as the fundamental cause, drying up of liquidity, remains.

FSA plays a mean hand

This year the annual UBS financial institutions’ summer conference was held in Valencia just as the football World Cup was starting.

FIG Watch: B&B takes back ownership

Bradford & Bingley’s treasurer, Peter Green, and head of capital markets and securitization, Mark Winter, want to regain ownership from investment banks of their institution’s dialogue with investors.

Is Natixis an omen for French banks?

The merger of Caisse d’Epargne’s and Banque Populaire’s investment banks and asset managers opens up the possibility of even more consolidation in France.