New deals, old questions for China's bank investments

Few financial issues in Asia are debated as hotly as the state of China’s banking system and the billions continually poured into mainland lenders by foreign financial institutions and lenders as the banking market is slowly opened up.

ECB Watch: The lion that squeaked

In the first of a regular series of columns, John Arrowsmith casts light on what at first sight appears to have been a sudden volte-face on interest rates by the European Central Bank.

People: End of an era, and a new start for René Karsenti

René Karsenti has left the European Investment Bank, where he was director-general for just under 10 years, to become the CEO of the International Capital Markets Association, the product of the recently merged International Primary Markets Association and International Securities Market Association.

Bond Outlook February 1st

Research from the Levy Institute spells out why the housing bubble must deflate and looks at the likely consequences.

Turkey hits the big time

With negotiations for Turkey’s entry to the EU under way – albeit with a long lead-in time – completed privatizations, foreign direct investment and domestic deal-making are growing apace despite continuing bureaucratic hold-ups.

FIG Watch: The man who makes Barclays fluent in finance

In the first of a regular new column featuring heads of funding at leading financial institutions, Barclays’ new treasurer talks to Alex Chambers about the early days of his new role and how its demands differs from his experience as an investment banker.

SocGen's new model business

In 2004, the Société Générale Group created a new division, Global Investment Management and Services (GIMS) to seek out synergies between asset management, private banking and securities services.