July - August 2020

July - August 2020

Banking and Covid-19: Crisis leadership

This year's Awards for Excellence recognise the pivotal role banks have performed throughout the pandemic to address the impact on clients, both financial and emotional.

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Jefferies in Asia: third time lucky?

Jefferies in Asia: third time lucky?

The US investment bank is finally enjoying the fruits of a decade of investment in Asia. It has spent big to hire the bankers and analysts it needs to drive deal activity in China, Japan and Australia. Now the hard part starts – making money.

Australia’s Covid recovery gives banks a head start

Just like the global financial crisis, Australia is emerging from Covid-19 more strongly than the rest of the developed world. Investment banks here have never been busier, raising huge sums of equity from one of the world’s largest asset pools. When borders reopen they will be primed for outbound M&A. But why does almost nobody have a private banking business? In the first of a two-part series on Australian investment banking, we look at the work that came out of a global pandemic.

Asia's NDB: The forgotten multilateral shows its face

The New Development Bank, born in Shanghai 2015 to help the five ‘Brics' countries, has had a good pandemic, disbursing $4 billion in emergency funding and printing a maiden US dollar bond. Its future plans: more capital, more members and a better credit rating.

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Shifting currency exposures create treasury dilemma

Shifting currency exposures create treasury dilemma

Hedging may look expensive for businesses that have seen their revenues cut heavily by Covid-19 prevention measures, but removing hedges for currencies to which they have limited exposure may prove even more so.

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