April 2020

Can banks withstand the impact of Covid-19?

Banks came into the coronavirus pandemic much stronger than they went into the global financial crisis, but will the capital and liquidity buffers they have built be sufficient to see them through the most dramatic economic crash in history?

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HSBC pivots to Asia – again

HSBC’s strategy shift will see it deploy more capital, assets and risk to the region. The challenge is the same one it faced a decade ago: how to do more in China and southeast Asia. But the truth is that the bank is not as strong beyond Hong Kong as it should be

The evolution of investment banks

Diversify or specialize: that has been the question for all the big global corporate and investment banks since the financial crisis of 2008 – we delve into the data to see who did what.


The coronavirus crash: will 'whatever it takes' work?

The coronavirus crash: will 'whatever it takes' work?

A blizzard of monetary and fiscal policy announcements finally began to calm market nerves this week; but bankers and analysts are struggling to figure out what more might be needed – and just what kind of crisis this is.

Gupta is focused firmly on Asia prize

DBS’s chief executive has transformed it into a globally respected bank and a leader in digital finance. What’s next for the Singapore-based lender? It sees an open door to becoming a truly pan-Asian financial institution, with sustainability at its core

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Capital markets


Regulation: For AML, fintech is both problem and answer

Regulation: For AML, fintech is both problem and answer

For a sector reeling from money laundering scandals, it’s tempting to imagine that technology could be a low-cost way of solving such problems. AI could be a game changer for detecting low-level crime, but corporate-scale laundromats will remain tough to crack.

Transaction services

Latin America

Argentina’s banks go from deep freeze into fire

Argentina’s banks go from deep freeze into fire

They seemed to be emerging, blinking, into the light of a normal financial system under former president Mauricio Macri, but that moment has gone; the new administration has sent real rates negative, while economic and credit growth look to be years away.

Emerging Europe

Banking: Russia makes its own innovation

Banking: Russia makes its own innovation

Recruited to set up a national payments system, the central bank’s Olga Skorobogatova has overseen initiatives to protect consumers and promote competition in Russia’s banking sector. In her first interview with international media, she talks sandboxes, blockchain and the challenges of regulating bank ecosystems.

Asia Pacific

Vietnam’s diaspora returns with attitude

The country’s financial system has been transformed over the last decade, and the Viet Kieu has played a crucial role in that; Euromoney speaks to some of its leading lights about what they are doing and why.



Should Buffett buy Bloomberg?

Warren Buffett can take his pick from public companies with beaten down stock prices at the moment, but he may be interested in buying privately held Bloomberg.


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