February 2020

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Santander shifts its centre of gravity to Latin America

Santander shifts its centre of gravity to Latin America

With Santander Brasil registering record profits and Santander Mexico promising the same, the outlook for the group looks Latin. As its European business stalls, how will the bank be affected by Latin America’s shift from engine of growth to core business?

CLO market: Corporate distress? Bring it on

It is an almost unchallenged truth that the next crisis will be triggered by over-leveraged corporate borrowers crumbling under the weight of cheap debt that they have taken on over the last decade. Right in the middle of this are the CLO buyers that have made much of that lending possible. But rather than taking fright at the prospect of a slew of triple-C credits in their pools, CLO managers are running straight towards it.

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Wealth management: Universal benefits

Should spirituality be one of the lenses through which the wealthy manage their money? Faith-based investors certainly think so. Euromoney talks to funds and wealth advisers who believe that positive energy or religion-driven strategies can bring enhanced returns.

XP connects with Brazil’s wealthy

It has made waves with an IPO and by building a strong retail banking platform. Less well known is how the firm is gatecrashing the country’s thriving wealth management industry.

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