October 2019


Conservation finance: It's time to revisit carbon markets

Conservation finance: It's time to revisit carbon markets

Carbon markets, particularly offsets, are shaking off their past and becoming a vital instrument for reaching CO2 reduction goals, protecting and conserving biodiversity at scale, as well as meeting many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They need to succeed.

Finance for a farming revolution

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean up water supplies, prevent the loss of biodiversity, mitigate fire and flood risk and meet the nutritional requirements of a growing population the world must improve its regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices – new tools and support from the financial services industry are needed to fund that transition.

Can finance help Africa keep its wildlife?

The rhino impact bond has sparked excitement that financial tools can play a role in helping Africa conserve its wildlife. As the continent’s population level is set to rise quickly, Euromoney looks at the work being done to connect conservation with economic growth.

Conservation finance: How to save the Amazon

Deforestation – and the cattle farming that largely drives it – has caught the world’s attention. While some environmentalists suggest punitive measures to make Brazil a better steward of the forest, there are already more constructive, private-sector responses to the challenge. Can they scale quickly enough to save the Amazon?

Chile conservation: Project finance for permanence

Using a model of up-front financing for large one-off projects, project finance for permanence may be the mechanism that can help reach the goal of 50% of the planet’s natural areas being protected in perpetuity.

How Bhutan built conservation finance into its DNA

Tiny Bhutan has a claim to fame as the first and only country that can claim to be not only carbon neutral but dramatically carbon negative. Conservation is wrapped in with the national ideal of ‘gross national happiness’, a pillar of the country’s constitution and fundamental to national planning.

Conservation finance: Seychelles' troubled waters

The Seychelles was the first country to issue a debt-for-nature swap to protect its marine environment; it was also the first to issue a blue bond, raising capital to finance sustainable marine and ocean-related projects. But can it overcome the teething problems and provide a model other island nations can follow?


Libor transition: Are markets ready for a $350 trillion white-knuckle ride?

Libor transition: Are markets ready for a $350 trillion white-knuckle ride?

It is less than two and a half years until Libor, the benchmark on which trillions of dollars-worth of financial instruments are based, will disappear. That is a hopelessly ambitious timetable in which to complete what has been called the largest financial engineering project in history. Even if chaos is averted, the way in which banks lend, and indeed how corporates borrow, may never be the same again.

Libor transition: Surge pricing

It was just what the regulators didn’t want: another surge in Sofr just as the timetable for transition away from US dollar Libor enters its critical phase.

Capital markets

Transaction services

Transaction banking has a moment to shine

Transaction banking has a moment to shine

One of the most innovative areas of finance, attracting talent and investment in equal measure, transaction banking is also a reliable profit-maker for banks in an ever-changing regulatory environment – but there is competition from big tech, while gaining market share is tough in a fragmented industry. How can banks stay on top?

Transaction banking's trailblazers

Driven by changes in technology and many new entrants to the business, transaction banking is no longer a boring, old, but stable revenue earner, chugging along in the background. Instead, trade finance and cash management are becoming an exciting and critical area of banking.

Transaction banking trailblazer: Umar Farooq, JPMorgan

The head of channels, analytics and innovation for treasury services and head of blockchain initiatives for corporate and investment banking at JPMorgan says: 'The boundaries between technological innovation and product development are blurring.'

Surveys and Awards

Asia Pacific

Taiwan pushes hard – and late – into digital banking

Taiwan pushes hard – and late – into digital banking

Despite being a global leader in IT and semiconductors, Taiwan has long been a digital laggard. The regulator has just issued the island’s first digital banking licences, but is it a simple case of ‘too late’ rather than ‘better late than never’?

Emerging Europe

VTB bets big on digital

VTB bets big on digital

VTB has long lagged state-owned rival Sberbank in terms of profitability, but with sanctions limiting access to capital the pressure is on to close the gap – chairman Andrey Kostin explains why digital transformation and aggressive retail growth hold the key to success for Russia’s second-largest lender.



Sideways: WeWork hasn’t worked

The fiasco of the failed IPO of WeWork has embroiled some of the most prominent figures in global finance, including SoftBank chairman Masayoshi Son and JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon.

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