January 2019

January 2019

The Euromoney 25: Class of 2018

Which bank chief executives are raising a glass to a successful 12 months? How are the newcomers to the party settling in? Who’s hiding in the corner, drowning their sorrows? And will 2019 be a year of feast or famine? Euromoney reveals all in its progress reports for the Class of 2018

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Euromoney 50th Anniversary


Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road backlash

The Belt and Road backlash

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is trumpeted as a ‘win-win’ for all, but is it everything it’s cracked up to be? Or are countries on its route, wary of Beijing’s motives and fearful of being trapped by debt to China’s big development banks, losing faith in the plan?

Sri Lanka questions reliance on China

When Sri Lanka, a key link in the Belt and Road Initiative, sold China a deep-water port in exchange for debt alleviation, it raised eyebrows around the world – yet Colombo continues to borrow from Beijing even as its fiscal situation worsens.

Africa: Why Djibouti’s China debt is raising the alarm

Warning sirens are sounding about the level of debt Djibouti owes to China for Belt and Road projects. The local view is that they need the money and China is the country that is offering it. But the fate of the Djibouti-Addis Ababa railway represents the financial challenges of BRI in a 756-kilometre microcosm.

Belt and Road: Montenegro takes the high road

In 2018, Montenegro was named as one of the countries most at risk from over-indebtedness to China for the €809 million Bar-Boljare highway, dubbed a ‘road to nowhere’, but in Podgorica, enthusiasm for the project is still running high.


Sideways: The Fed – I’m a central banker... get me out of here!

As Mario Draghi begins his victory lap before stepping down as president of the ECB in October 2019 and his colleagues get down to the serious business of competing for the succession, they will no doubt give thanks that they do not face trial by Twitter in the same way as Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell.

Mifid II is hurting, but there is no way back

The damage done to mid-cap equities coverage by unbundling research is ever harder to ignore. It will not be easy to lower this self-imposed barrier to improved capital-markets access for fast-growing businesses in Europe.

Capital markets: Happy new year?

European capital markets bankers’ fortunes in 2019 will turn on how quickly the withdrawal of the central bank bid can be offset by the return of a real market.

Santander’s second LatAm engine

Santander’s Brazilian bank took lots of deserved acclaim when Santander released its global third-quarter results, but keep an eye on Mexico.

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Central & Eastern Europe


Central Asia


India real estate debate: India’s real estate market comes of age

India real estate debate: India’s real estate market comes of age

After a few years of underperformance, India’s property market is back on form. Prices are rising in commercial and residential real estate, with demand driven in large part by inward investment from blue-chip US corporates. The next big step is listed onshore real estate investment trusts, set to hit the market in 2019.

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