July 2018

July 2018

Awards for Excellence 2018: The B of A-Team – Brian Moynihan’s plan comes together

Having stabilized the bank after the financial crisis, Bank of America’s management conceived a simple plan for its future: maintain a diverse set of businesses but deal with less risky customers; provide them with fewer, simpler products; automate for efficiency; and then grow by doing more for these customers. Easy to say, but hard to do – it took time and billions of dollars of investment. With results now shining through, the bank that once looked too big to succeed has a shot at domination.

Awards for Excellence

World's Best Bank

World's Best Investment Bank

Global Awards for Excellence

World's best digital bank 2018: DBS

DBS is an institution in which every part of the business – from cash management to private banking, from SMEs to retail – is being enriched by a challenging process of wilful digital disruption.

Regional Awards for Excellence


Xiaomi landmark falls short

The first dual-class deal in Hong Kong; the intended first Chinese depositary receipt: Xiaomi’s IPO was not short of landmark intentions, but only some were delivered.

Sideways: Fed stress tests – prizes for all (US banks at least)

Deutsche Bank’s failure of the recent Federal Reserve stress tests drew attention, but while the regulator was happy to kick the battered European bank while it is down, this was in stark contrast to its treatment of favoured home-town players Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.


European SMEs: Doing banking well is not so complicated

Rather than super-CEOs and messianic technology, European banks might find salvation simply in small-business lending by empowered staff. As some of the best-performing banks recognize, keeping to the basics offers good long-term returns.

CEE banking: Heaven or hell

A proposed tie-up between UniCredit and Société Générale would be a real game changer in the region: complementary and challenging.

Front End

Awards for Excellence pitches 2018: The outtakes

Awards for Excellence pitches 2018: The outtakes

What is said on tour, stays on tour. Unless it is part of an awards pitch. Here are some of the mixed metaphors, subtle and not-so-subtle jibes and some incomprehensible nonsense we heard during the pitches for this year’s Awards for Excellence.