August 2017

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UniCredit: Mustier’s magical year

UniCredit: Mustier’s magical year

As a self-described ‘insider-outsider’, Jean Pierre Mustier’s return to UniCredit has transformed the image of Italy’s biggest bank – inside and out – over an extraordinary 12 months as CEO.

How to fix Hong Kong’s markets

Everyone has a complaint about how Hong Kong’s markets are run, whether it is cornerstones, regulation, secret orders, or simply poor performance. How does HKEx get the environment right when everyone has a different idea of what is wrong?

Cooper points Standard Chartered in the right direction

When Bill Winters wanted someone to revamp Standard Chartered’s beleaguered commercial and investment banking unit, he turned to HSBC veteran Simon Cooper. The key to Cooper’s success will be whether he can make the good remaining pieces work as a whole.


Capital markets

Some investors buy even as ECB sparks bond market falls

While economists debate the likely path to reduction in the European Central Bank’s (ECB) swollen €4.2 trillion balance sheet, debt capital markets investors continue to buy long-dated bonds from sovereign, supranational and agency issuers.


Latin America

Latin America: Greenlees takes on Itaú’s critics

Latin America: Greenlees takes on Itaú’s critics

Itaú BBA has long been a top investment bank in Brazil. Recently, rumours of high turnover, a changing culture and low morale have been rife. But Roderick Greenlees, head of investment banking, says the bank remains an undisputed market leader.

Risks in a low inflation Brazil

It is no understatement to say that the country is uncharted territory. The news is all good right now. But next year’s presidential election could return it to familiar, volatile territory.


Sovereign wealth funds

Future Fund finds the unconventional pays

Future Fund finds the unconventional pays

No other sovereign wealth fund looks like Australia’s. Its chief investment officer reckons that, by some measures, almost two-thirds of the fund is in alternative or illiquid assets. Even so, it’s working.


Fintech: The second wave of challenger banks

Fintech: The second wave of challenger banks

The UK has been one of the world’s key testing grounds for new financial technology thanks to London’s status as global financial centre and the UK authorities’ support for new competition to the incumbent banks they had to rescue in the crisis, but the big four banks’ central role as clearing banks has kept truly disruptive innovation away from the profitable core of retail banking, until now.

Western Europe

Emerging Europe

Russia crisis proves rewarding for nimble BCS

Russia crisis proves rewarding for nimble BCS

Roman Lokhov has transformed BCS from a Russian retail broker to a full-service investment bank through a combination of technology, transparency and opportunism. Now he is looking to bring a new generation of Russian companies to the global markets.

Asia Pacific

Transaction services


CSR: Inclusion key to bank diversity efforts

CSR: Inclusion key to bank diversity efforts

While an increasing number of studies point to diversity having a positive impact on business performance, it needs to be coupled with inclusion if financial services companies want to see cultural and societal change.

Private banking


The rehabilitation of Belarus

In a yield-hungry world, what could be more appetizing to investors than a nation with stability offering 7% on its Eurobonds?

Foreign Exchange