July 2017

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Awards for Excellence 2017: How Gulliver fixed the world's best bank HSBC for the future

Awards for Excellence 2017: How Gulliver fixed the world's best bank HSBC for the future

As Stuart Gulliver’s time as chief executive of HSBC runs down, the moment has come to acknowledge his achievement in managing the remarkable transformation of one of the world’s biggest, most complex banks. Once a diffuse portfolio of unconnected banking franchises, it now starts to look much more like the jewel it should be: a properly managed network that can serve customers and reward shareholders by handling global trade and capital flows.

Awards for Excellence 2017: Morgan Stanley reclaims the investment banking throne

The investment bank has come through more than a decade of difficulties to become the momentum firm on Wall Street once again. The last piece of the puzzle, making its fixed income business fit for purpose, is now in place. Morgan Stanley is working together as a firm better than ever before. Its people have their swagger back. And the architects of this renaissance are determined to press home their advantage with a ruthless approach to deploying the firm’s capital – both financial and human.

Awards for Excellence



British banks are best in breed

British banks are best in breed

With Brexit now upon us, as warnings abound of the damage it will inflict on the UK economy and the country’s financial sector, Euromoney follows its instincts and puts two British banks on our short list to be recognized as the world’s best.

Macaskill on markets: Curious Qatari tactics

The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) charged Barclays and four former managers with fraud in June, alleging misconduct relating to two capital raising deals in 2008 and a loan to Qatar.


Nordic banks might not be the right model

Nordic banks might not be the right model

Efficient and well-capitalized, Scandinavian and Dutch banks are the darlings of Europe’s investor community. But if pride is the worst sin in banking, they could be heading for a fall.

The Italian job

Two weeks after the Popular rescue was hailed as a triumph of Europe’s post-crisis resolution regulations, the collapse of two Italian lenders is set to cost the taxpayer €17 billion

Dana Gas puts Islamic finance to the test

Dana Gas, an Emirati gas company, is using Shariah non-compliance as an argument in its sukuk restructuring talks. That remarkable move, if successful, could undermine the whole system of trust built around Islamic finance in the Middle East.

The ups and downs of CEE banking

In the spirit of summer supplements, here is Euromoney’s must-have guide to some of the main winners and losers of the past year in central and eastern Europe.

I’m a bank account kinda guy

Banks are exploring new and radical ways to offer more to their clients through digital platforms. But they shouldn’t forget the bedrock of banking.

Front End

Home truths from emerging markets

It has been a challenging few years in emerging market banking, so it is hard to blame lenders for wanting to put a positive spin on difficult situations.