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How do you fix the IPO market?

How do you fix the IPO market?

Trust has broken down between IPO vendors and issuers and traditional investors in new stock offerings in Europe. Deal arrangers seem incapable of bridging the valuation gap between the two sides. In bloody markets, hedge funds have been the buyers of last resort but some have wreaked havoc on the IPO process. The only thing all sides agree on is that something needs to change. Peter Lee reports.

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US debt ceiling: Investors don't believe the hype

US debt ceiling: Investors don't believe the hype

If the Obama administration and the rating agencies are to be believed, the US is looking down the barrel of its first ever default. Yet yields on treasuries continue to set new lows and the dollar remains relatively stable. This paradox reflects the fact that investors don’t yet believe the hype about the consequences of a ceiling breach. Joti Mangat reports.

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Japan: Outbound M&A ambitions offer hope to struggling investment banks

Investment banks’ revenues in Japan are down by a third this year. But the March tragedy has accelerated Japanese companies’ plans to expand offshore, with outbound M&A at record levels. For both groups, it is time for a make-or-break strategic rethink. Lawrence White reports from Tokyo.

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Euromoney Country Risk: Chile leads Latin American renaissance

Country risk scores are improving steadily across the top tier of Latin American borrowers, including Chile, which now has a score consistent with a triple-A rating. Brazil has fallen two places in the table as concerns grow that the economy is overheating, while Colombia scores ahead of Mexico and Panama in the list of the continent’s safe havens. Andrew Mortimer reports.

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Brazil private banking debate

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Middle East private banking debate

Middle East private banking debate: How to get your relationships right

Both local and international players are trying to break into a growing onshore private banking market in the Middle East. In the second part of Euromoney’s roundtable on this market, participants discuss how they are managing to attract and retain relationship managers, how they intend to grow their businesses, and how best to advise clients on risk.

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