August 2005

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Euroclear: friend or foe?

Euroclear wants to create a single, low-cost European securities market, but it also wants to expand the role of its bank. That leaves market participants feeling uneasy about where Euroclear fits into the brave new world of clearing and settlement. Some are concerned that time is running out to settle the debate.

Investment banking

UBS: How to succeed at succession

UBS has dispelled the notion that investment bank CEO successions must be messy, vindictive battles. When John Costas handed over in June to Huw Jenkins, his global head of equities, it was the culmination of almost a year of planning. It was a fitting end to a successful term for Costas, and Jenkins's appointment recognized UBS's success in equities. Euromoney speaks to both men about Costas's legacy and what Jenkins plans to do next.

Debt markets

ResCap tips the scales

In the past few years, GMAC's mortgage-related businesses have become increasingly stymied by the ill-favoured rating environment of their immediate parent and GM. It was time to find a way out.

Cash management


Pulling it all together

We have the tools to develop much more coherent and flexible financial markets. But it will only happen if a spirit of openness is maintained, says Philippe Buhannic.

Financial IT survey

Technology vendors 2005: Boom time for IT vendors

Banks are spending more to remain competitive, but with so many firms to choose from how can they be sure a vendor will understand their needs? Euromoney's second financial technology users' survey has some answers.


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Against the tide


Costly, but cosy Copenhagen still looks to Europe

Copenhagen is costly, but to great effect. Spend a bit, drink a bit and you'll end up enjoying a tradition of companionship, cosiness and conviviality. But Danes aren't inward-looking. They've stuck with their national currency, though many still favour regional integration.