Asiamoney Issue Four 2018

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Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2018: Results index

Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2018: Results index

The 29th annual Asiamoney Brokers Poll invited chief investment officers, fund managers and investment analysts to take part. Voters represented fund management houses, insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and wealth managers from around the world. A total of 6,540 valid individual responses from 3,100 different institutions, including 411 hedge funds, were received.

China ABS Awards 2018

China’s asset-backed securitization market, already the largest in Asia, still has plenty more room for growth. The winners of Asiamoney’s China ABS awards are helping to push that expansion – one deal at a time.

Editor's letter

Investment banking

Citi goes for yin and Jan in Asia

Citi goes for yin and Jan in Asia

Citi’s network banking model can sometimes sound rather old-fashioned; Jan Metzger, Citi’s CIB head in Asia Pacific, is a tech geek who can talk for hours about whatever is new – you know what they say about opposites…

Surveys and awards

China's leaders in fintech: 2018

In Chinese banking, government-owned doesn’t always mean stodgy and slow to innovate. State-owned banks across the country are absorbing fintech into traditional models to meet surging consumer demand for sharper financial tools. Here’s a few that we've liked this year.

Trade Finance Survey 2019: Asia finds a block in blockchain

After much talk and little action, the use of blockchain in trade finance is picking up, and Asia-Pacific is at the heart of that change – but despite progress, the many different consortia need to agree on some common ground to get things moving.


South Korea

Korea’s digital banks have two speeds: fast and faster

Korea’s digital banks have two speeds: fast and faster

Dark memories of the Asian financial crisis inform South Korea’s fear of chaos and wariness of financial technology, but the success of two online banks gives the country what it needs: fintech leaders it can respect and disruption it can embrace.




The fight to run Australia’s finances

The fight to run Australia’s finances

With five prime ministers and five treasurers in six years, Australia’s top two political offices have been likened to an AirBnB short-let, but with an election looming, can the new treasurer Josh Frydenberg keep his surging opponent Chris Bowen from again becoming the country’s top economic policymaker?

Inside Australia’s roaring fintechs

Their numbers have soared from 100 in 2014 to more than 700 today – some firms will consolidate or be taken over, but most of them will fail; Asiamoney meets three startups that seem likely to stay the course.


Mongolia fends off Chinese bank suitors

Mongolia fends off Chinese bank suitors

China’s big lenders, led by Bank of China, want full access to Mongolia’s resource-rich market, but local regulators are desperate to keep them out, wary of Beijing’s rising power and influence, and keen to avoid a repeat of past mistakes. Who will win the battle?

Mongolia’s digital disruptor takes on Asia

Anar Chinbaatar is wreaking havoc: local banks are running scared of LendMN, a digital payday lender that has disbursed 600,000 loans in just 18 months. The serial tech entrepreneur now plans to transform LendMN into a real digital bank – and take on Asia. Few would bet against him.