Asiamoney Issue Two 2018

Asiamoney Issue Two 2018

The three warriors aiming to clean up China's markets

China is fighting to keep down debt while maintaining strong growth. Its leaders have assembled a squad of hard-hitting bureaucrats and merged the banking and insurance watchdogs to do that. Asiamoney looks at the men and their daunting tasks.

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The two faces of China's bond regulators

The two faces of China's bond regulators

The National Development and Reform Commission is China’s economic planner, overseeing everything from construction projects to the management of sugar reserves, but its approach to offshore bond approvals is chaotic and could cause lasting damage to the country’s bond issuers.

Greater Bay binds old Hong Kong to new Shenzhen

Never shy about championing its latest grand development plan, Beijing is set to unveil the Greater Bay Area, a scheme designed to bind together the economies of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. What is it, will it succeed, and can it really transform the region into China’s Silicon Valley?

Mainland master stirs up Hong Kong market

Charles Li has courted controversy in his shake-up of the Hong Kong stock exchange, but is he a plant for Beijing, or a polished professional with a mandate to modernize and internationalize the city’s exchanges?

Editor's letter


Two countries, two difficult bond regulators

Two countries, two difficult bond regulators

In both China and India, winning approval to sell offshore bonds can be a torment. One regulator applies the rules punctiliously, the other seemingly without rhyme or reason. It’s a wonder issuers can sell so much.

Chinese banks slow lending

Mainland banks have long been known for their penchant to commit chunky amounts to loans, either as participants or as book runners, but that is changing, say loans bankers in the region.


China takes a swipe at the fintech sector

Beijing has spent years sitting back and encouraging its powerful fintech firms to create and innovate. But it is starting to crack down on parts of an industry that it feels may have grown too far too fast, starting with peer-to-peer lenders.

China fuels green bond take-off

Once one of the world’s worst offenders in terms of industrial pollution, China is changing its ways, not least by becoming a leader in issuing green bonds.

Surveys and awards

Asiamoney trade finance survey 2018: Your bank needs you

Asiamoney trade finance survey 2018: Your bank needs you

It is one thing to win a client’s business, but quite another to have their vocal support, so Asiamoney put the question: ‘Which trade finance banks would you recommend enthusiastically?’ to companies around the region. The results were eye opening.

Asiamoney China Best Wealth Managers 2018

The country’s wealth management industry is slowly but surely moving from growing pains to growing opportunities. Asiamoney profiles the leaders in an increasingly competitive field.


Taiwan's reclusive policy banks break new ground

Taiwan's reclusive policy banks break new ground

The state’s policy banks have a low profile, both at home and abroad, but a loan scandal has forced Taipei to shake up leadership and make the banks more international. The chair of Taiwan Business Bank discusses the industry’s future.

Taiwan's secret offshore billions lure wealth managers

The island state’s lenders and brokers are aggressively seeking out new wealth management opportunities across Asia as competition rises at home. Their strong brands and growing branch networks provide advantages, but can they really compete with global rivals?

Investment banking

Hong Kong

South Asia

Nepal's licence to bank

Nepal's licence to bank

The country has a tiny economy, yet there are almost 250 active financial institutions. What is the central bank playing at?