Asiamoney Issue Two 2017

Asiamoney Issue Two 2017

The battle for Bank of East Asia

Elliott Management’s court case against Sir David Li’s Bank of East Asia pits the aggressive new world of activist investment against one of Hong Kong’s most venerable institutions. The stakes are high, and the rhetoric tough.

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Hong Kong

How Lee built Hang Seng's street cred

How Lee built Hang Seng's street cred

The bank for Hongkongers has long been overshadowed by big brother HSBC, but even rivals consider it the best investment the global giant ever made. What legacy does soon-to-retire chief executive Rose Lee leave?


Drift and despair weigh on Taiwan

Drift and despair weigh on Taiwan

How did one of the world’s most successful exporters find itself in such dire straits? Much of its economy is going backwards fast. That’s starting to hit Taiwan’s banking sector too.

Taiwan's conglomerates need to break free

The island’s financial sector is struggling to meet the needs of the economy, hampered by over-regulation. As it slowly withers, will lawmakers finally address the need for change?


Cleaner books in China's rustbelt

Cleaner books in China's rustbelt

In a rare meeting with foreign media, two banks in Changchun, Bank of Jilin and Jilin JiuTai Rural Commercial Bank talk about shadow banking, toeing the Beijing party line and why a stockmarket listing in Hong Kong can be a poisoned chalice.

Green means go for Chinese regulators

China’s successful adoption of green bonds comes at a time when a climate-change sceptic leads the US but emerging economies are growing more conscious of environmental problems. Regulators are a guiding force for China’s green-bond market, coaxing the country toward global cooperation.

Asiamoney China Green Finance Awards 2017

China’s initial attempts to address environmental improvements were met with considerable scepticism. But its banks have embraced the challenge much faster than its industrial companies. These new Asiamoney awards recognize the financial institutions and individuals that have done the most to promote China’s booming green-finance market over the last year.

Asiamoney Best Transaction Banks in China 2017

China’s corporates are growing fast – both domestically and in the international markets. This has presented a unique set of challenges for the institutions that provide core banking services to them. Asiamoney presents China’s best banks in payments, cash management and trade and supply chain finance.

Chinese wealth enters a crucial decade

The country’s wealth management industry has grown fast – and just as quickly built up a bad reputation. But firms such as Noah and CreditEase are showing the way forward as China’s rich look to new ways of managing their assets.

Asiamoney China's Best Wealth Managers: 2017

Independent wealth management firms have sprung up in China in recent years to serve the fast-expanding wealthy population. While many of them are young with a limited product range and no proven expertise, a small handful have stood out in serving clients with a wide array of product offerings and a track record of generating steady investment returns.

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