Message from the editor about the Euromoney Awards for Excellence


Clive Horwood
Published on:

Amid the escalating crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus, a number of our friends and contacts have understandably asked us about the status of the Euromoney Awards for Excellence programme this year.

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Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence are the benchmark for the global banking industry. They are a celebration of what good banks do well. At these difficult times, it is perhaps more important than ever that they proceed, and banks get the recognition that they deserve.

Part of that recognition, this year and perhaps in the years to come, will inevitably be based not just on banks’ ability to withstand this crisis, but also on their actions that helped their customers, all their stakeholders, and the broader economy and society, to navigate a path through it. We look forward to talking to you and your colleagues about this, and the vital role that banks have to play, not only during the awards process but in the coming days and weeks. 

We are committed to going ahead with the research, interviews (by phone or virtual meeting) and submissions process and, where possible, stick to the calendar already communicated with the awards announced as usual in July.

If the current situation persists or worsens the awards process will certainly pose some challenges, not least for the executives and communications specialists that prepare submissions to send to us. 

With travel and face-to-face meetings likely to be restricted throughout the awards decision period, running until mid June, we will not get the precious opportunity to meet your senior management in person.

It also seems increasingly unlikely that we will be able to present our awards in person at our annual events in London, Dubai and Hong Kong, during the usual late June/early July window. We will provide updates on our events in due course.

The Euromoney team will work harder than ever to minimise disruption and to mitigate any challenges that our friends in the banking industry encounter around the awards process.

We fully understand the pressures that banks face in the current environment and we welcome your feedback and any suggestions you have on making the process easier for you this year. Feel free to contact me directly or send a message to and one of our team will get back to you.

With best wishes

Clive Horwood