Covers: Celebrating 50 years of Euromoney


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The best banking and capital-markets coverage deserves the best covers – here's a small selection of the most memorable from the past few decades.


It all started with this – a simple design of yellow and black – but importantly it had impact, which has been at the heart of Euromoney's illustrations for the past five decades.

Click on each edition below to view in detail, as we celebrate…

Nowhere to hide_160x186
Nowhere to hide_340
010 Jan_The banker who cant get out of qatar_160x186010 Jan_The banker who cant get out of qatar_340010 July_Pandit knocks Citi into shape_160x186010 July_Pandit knocks Citi into shape_340010 June_Its the debt stupid_160x186010 June_Its the debt stupid_340011 May_Unicredit's new guard_160x186011 May_Unicredit's new guard_340
012 Aug_The evangelism of Peter Sands_160x186012 Aug_The evangelism of Peter Sands_340013 Aug_International rescue_160x186013 Aug_International rescue_340013 Aug_International rescue_340013 Dec_Chain reaction_340012-Sept_Here-comes-the-great-disintermediation_124x73012-Sept-here-comes-the-great-645x464
08 May_The credit crunch spreads east_160x18608 May_The credit crunch spreads east_340

014 Dec_The threat to corporate America_160x186014 Dec_The threat to corporate America_340
014 April_Capital_160x186014 April_Capital_340
016-Sept-Inside-Italy-124x73016-Sept-Inside-Italy-646x464014 July_Model of a modern bank_160x186014 July_Model of a modern bank_340
015 april_Yieldbuster_160x186015 april_Yieldbuster_340
015 July_Last man standing_160x186015 July_Last man standing_340015 June_Barclays identity crisis_160x186015 June_Barclays identity crisis_340
015 Nov_Getting to grips with blockchain_160x186015 Nov_Getting to grips with blockchain_340

016 June_Can Jes do it_160x186016 June_Can Jes do it_340
016 March_Can Cryan halt Desutsche's decline_160x186016 March_Can Cryan halt Desutsche's decline_340
017 Aug_Mustier's magical year_160x186017 Aug_Mustier's magical year_340

06 Dec_Clever ways to do the dumbet things_160x18606 Dec_Clever ways to do the dumbet things_340
07 may_Stepic refines his recipe for emerging europe_160x18607 may_Stepic refines his recipe for emerging europe_340
08 Feb_Board stupid_160x18608 Feb_Board stupid_340

08 June_Another fine mezz_160x18608 June_Another fine mezz_340
013 March_The jumbo LBO market reopens_160x186013 March_The jumbo LBO market reopens_340
08 Nov_Blight of the living dead_160x18608 Nov_Blight of the living dead_340
08 Oct_The last master of the universe_160x18608 Oct_The last master of the universe_34009 Feb_When push comes to shove_160x18609 Feb_When push comes to shove_340017-Sept-can-finance-save-124x73017-Sept-can-finance-save-648x464
09 Oct_Nomura come out fighting_160x18609 Oct_Nomura come out fighting_340
018 Feb_The death of private banking_160x186018 Feb_The death of private banking_340
05-Sept-The-enronization-124x7305-Sept-The-enronization-648x464017 March_The practical partnership_160x186017 March_The practical partnership_340
018 May_Cybersecurity the dark heart of digital transformation_160x186018 May_Cybersecurity the dark heart of digital transformation_340

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