Quotes of the month


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June 2018

“There’s a real sense of mission emerging, and when the mainstream banking teams get engaged, then things like this move to the top of the list”

Matt Arnold, global head of sustainable finance at JPMorgan, thinks the time is coming for blue finance

“The year has got off to a very good start and as the macro environment is changing, volatility is coming back to the FX market in a good way”

Nadir Mahmud, global head of FX and local markets at Citi, says his clients are focussed on cost efficiency and transparency

“Financial inclusion, or the lack of it, is an issue across the country from urban cities to rural communities. It doesn’t happen in isolation; it’s linked to poverty and instability in people’s jobs and earnings” 

Caroline Ratcliffe, senior fellow at the Urban Institute, points out how there can be so many un- and underbanked in New York City

“It was incredibly exciting coming into work to see what was happening. But I was short. I think if I had been long I would have been a lot more stressed”

Larissa Knepper, then at Nomura, watched as it looked like the AT1 market might break

“We can turn around the fortunes of this country. We can become a middle-income country. What we need are good policies. In this new dispensation [Mugabe’s ouster], we are much focussed about putting into place new policies that can recover our economy”

Patrick Chinamasa, Zimbabwe’s perennial finance minister, sees hope for the nation’s future