Private banking in 2007


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“It’s not about being in every nook and cranny. We want hundreds of experienced private bankers. Not thousands of bankers”

Private banking and wealth management
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 Why performance matters  

Private banks have been trying to win back market share in asset management from other financial service providers. A new index allows investors to track their performance. Plus we profile three of the banks that outperformed it.
Rothschild: Risk and reward | Lombard Odier: High performance from low risk | Dresdner: Bias and balance

North America: US battle for rich pickings grows fiercer 
The US private banking market is becoming increasingly competitive as domestic and foreign players battle it out for the country’s wealthiest clients.

Europe: UK regions offer the key to growth
Although London still dominates, banks are throwing resources into regional growth. The biggest obstacle to organic growth is the lack of suitable talent to drive this expansion.
Switzerland enjoys a bumper year  

Asia: Is Japan still a tough nut to crack? 
Foreign firms have too often misread the attitudes of investors and regulators in Japan. Now, several are trying again to crack this difficult but lucrative market.
SG conducts a sophisticated repertoire

A wealth of opportunity? 
Private banks have never had it so good. Every region in the world offers a growth opportunity. Clients want an ever-increasing array of products and services. This leads to intense competition, evident in Euromoney’s latest annual private banking survey. But is further consolidation inevitable? 
Private banking: Where to focus? | Private banking: Who to focus on? | Private banking: What to focus on?  | Private banking: Methodology

Full results
One bank leads the field in our global results, but the increased competition and number of players is evident through our expanded regional and country rankings