Data Review of the Year 2016

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By: Mark Baker, Louise Bowman, Peter Lee, Dominic O'Neill and Chris Wright


Pity the poor investor trying to decipher what's going on in the financial markets from the welter of conflicting data that banks themselves provide. But delve deeper and it's possible to see the trends from 2016 that will drive banking in the year to come: from the real state of Asian investment banking to whether the fintech bubble has burst already; or the efficiency of the world's leading universal banks and the one step they could all take to boost their returns on equity; and a graphic illustration of just how dominant US investment banks have now become

China’s dominance of investment
banking reaches troubling levels 
A watershed year for
European bank shares
US firms dominate
the league tables 
Investment banking may
be more efficient than you think

Here's one way banks can improve ROE:
pay people less 
There are signs that the
fintech boom is slowing