Conception and delivery, Deutsche-style

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When Deutsche Bank launched its magazine Konzept in November 2014, then co-CEO Anshu Jain described it (rather bizarrely for a print magazine) as “a new way of delivering its best ideas to clients and the wider world”.

Since then, not only has Jain gone, but the fortunes of Konzept have in many ways mirrored those of the bank that publishes it.

The first issue was 72 pages long, A4 in size, with a four-colour glossy front cover. When the June edition dropped onto Euromoney’s in-tray, it was roughly A5 in size, 52 pages long and had a plain white cover. That is a roughly 50% drop in both page size and content.

Deutsche had a market capitalization of €41.79 billion when it launched Konzept, and by June 2016 this had fallen to €21.14 billion – a drop of… around 50%.

Print magazines may not be a new way of delivering information but they can often be a surprisingly accurate way of doing so.