ICMA: The march of history

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ICMA’s annual gathering in May kicked off this year with a speedy whizz through key global events since 1963, when the association was launched.


One giant leap for

Remember when Kennedy was shot? It was also the year of the first Eurobond. First man on the moon? The AIBD was launched. Beatles split? Euroclear established; Thatcher elected? The first bought deal for GMAC.

With a stirring musical accompaniment ICMA’s video montage afforded equal newsworthiness to events such as the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 and the first swap between IBM and IBRD in the same year. The first CDS in 1994 coincided with the opening of the Channel Tunnel and Nelson Mandela died as ICMA’s collective action clauses were being introduced. Which is more important? Who are we to judge?

Icma’s montage can be found online on YouTube.