Cash Management Survey 2016: Asiamoney methodology

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Cash Management Poll has merged with the Euromoney Cash Management Poll to form one poll using just one questionnaire. This single questionnaire will produce results for both Asiamoney and Euromoney and these results are published separately. The categories and mechanics of the poll follows those of previous year.

The poll is located here and divided into the Financial Institution (FI) questionnaire and the Non-financial (Corporates) questionnaire. Banks, asset/fund management firms, insurance firms, pension/trust fund companies, securities firms/brokers, government-affiliated financial entities etc. should do the FI questionnaire.

The Asiamoney award categories are:

FIs – Award Categories

Best Regional Bank in Cash Management – All Currencies

Small, Medium and Large

Best USD cash management services
Best EUR cash management services
Best JPY cash management services
Best local currency cash management services

*Best Regional Bank in Cash Management – Overall Services
Small, Medium and Large

Corporates – Award Categories

Best Regional Bank in Cash Management Small, Medium and Large

For each country/market in Asia:

Best Foreign Bank in Cash Management
Small, Medium and Large

Best Domestic Bank in Cash Management Small, Medium and Large

Weightings for the FI questionnaire are as follows:

The votes are weighted according to the total asset size of each respondent’s institution:

Total asset size           Weighting           
 Small <US$5bn 1
          Medium US$5.01bn-25bn          2
 Large >US$25bn 3

For the Corporates questionnaire, the rankings are divided in Small, Medium and Large according to size of annual sales turnover:

Annual Sales Turnover in Asia, at a regional levelAnnual Sales Turnover in each market/country at a domestic level 
SMALL <US$100m <US$35m
MEDIUM  US$101m-500m US$36m-100m
LARGE >US$500m >US$100m

Each category requests three nominations: a first place ranking is awarded three points, second place two points and third place one point. For the local cash management bank category, first place received two points and second place one point. Please review the draft questionnaires to see the full set of questions.

*Best Regional Bank in Cash Management – Overall ServicesResults are calculated by taking the arithmetic mean of the ratings for all the service categories out of 7. Banks need to receive 5% of the total individual vote count to qualify.

Client Lists

Like in previous years we invite client lists submissions. The client lists need to include company names, individuals’ names, job titles, corporate emails and corporate tel. numbers. Those on client lists will be invited to do the poll upon the poll launch. An email that includes the above poll link will be sent to them.

The Corporate client list is limited to 1,000 individuals (not companies). There is no limit for financial institution clients.

Client lists should be submitted to Asiamoney by 19 April, each bank should only submit one final list, and additional lists may not be accepted.


The polling period is from 21 April to 3 June, extension may be given.

Detailed results will be published in the August issue of Asiamoney and on the Global Capital website. Full and bespoke analytical results will be available by late August. A press release with limited ranks will be out in July.

All personal details of clients and respondents are strictly guarded by Asiamoney and will not be disclosed to any party external to the Institutional Investors Group under any circumstances.

Please direct inquiries to Asiamoney’s Research Team: Anthony Chan ( 852 2912 8077) and Harris Fan ( 852 2912 8037)