#Grexit goes Gangnam Style

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This reporter expected a smug tweet on Greece last month to elicit a Radio 4-friendly guffaw from one or two of our modestly-numbered Twitter followers. But as any trader will tell you: timing is everything. 

So, as Greek-German government relations hit their lowest point with Schäuble gunning for a Grexit, the tweet appeared to strike a chord, earning over 7,500 interactions. In a somewhat surreal turn of events, it also appeared as Quote of the Day in the Evening Standard. 

Tweeps from New York, Kuala Lumpar to Athens helpfully informed our tweeter-in-chief that there are words in the Greco-German lexicon to describe the aforementioned situations. 

Responses included: “’If only there were a Greek word for a victory that is in fact a defeat’”. There is: Syriza.” 

And: “There is a single German word for all of that – schadenphyrricfreude. The single English word is – meh.