Fixed income investors survey: Fixed income research and Best borrowers surveys

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Investors were asked to nominate their top three borrowers in each category based on issuance strategy, credit quality and investor relations.

fixed income investors survey logo 2015Fixed income research  and Best borrowers  make up our Fixed income investors survey.  

Euromoney  combined its Fixed income research survey with a Best borrowers survey that asks fixed income investors to nominate the best fixed income issuers both globally and across a range of sectors and borrower types that matched the categories in the research poll. The survey is therefore in two parts: Best borrower and Best fixed income research house.
Does QE stand for Quick Euros?Does QE stand for Quick Euros?
The first half of this year has seen explosive growth in euro issuance by non-European borrowers, especially from the US. Is this a sign of greater capacity and sophistication in the market? Or is the reverse yankee just smash-and-grab opportunism?

Reverse yankee issuance: View from the buy side

Volatility is 'normal market adjustment'

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