South Korea special report 2014: maintaining economic momentum

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Seoul South Korea

South Korea guide 2014
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Korea: maintaining economic momentum
South Korea remains one of the most diversified and technologically advanced nations. Yet it remains vulnerable to its heavy reliance on exports, limited domestic market and dwindling social safety net, all of which weigh heavily on the country’s continued quest for long-term sustainability 

Interview: Jin-won Suh
President and CEO Jin-won Suh explains the strategies behind Shinhan Bank’s overseas expansion and its changing domestic role

Shinhan strives for greater growth
Already South Korea’s leading financial institution, Shinhan Bank is aiming to continue growing by enhancing its private wealth management offerings to high-net-worth customers

Outpacing its peers
South Korea’s rising score trend underpins its appeal as a relatively safe haven for emerging market investors. The sovereign has risen through Euromoney’s country risk global rankings more than any other in Asia so far this year, but its risk indicators depict a nuanced and constantly shifting kaleidoscope of political, economic and structural patterns