Off the record

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“Why wouldn’t I buy market share when it is so cheap?”

The CEO of a highly rated, emerging market bank – tongue slightly in cheek – thinks this is a great time to build up his firm’s presence in selected markets

“They’ll give you a coffee but we’ll give you a beer!”

One exhibitor knows his market at the Sibos conference. He was also holding a Heineken at midday on a Tuesday

“A rate rise will hit a couple of stragglers that got caught napping, but otherwise everyone has refinanced and locked in three-year money so it doesn’t matter”

…until 2017. One banker outlines his industry’s new, responsible, long-term approach to corporate lending and the lessons it has learned from the financial crisis

“There are some great bargains out there. Look at Tesco. If it raises equity through a rights issue that’s actually good for bondholders. And you can pick up bonds for only 103% or 104% of par that will yield you close to 4%”

Either we don’t get the new normal or this banker is using a new definition of the word bargain

“This is our chance to kick the shit out of them”

A Hong Kong banker conveys the warm feelings he has for the opposition as he plans his department’s expansion