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Modi makeover ignites India’s banking leaders

Modi makeover ignites India’s banking leaders

In exclusive interviews, leaders of Indian finance reveal how banks, nursing wounds from the recent credit boom, should be set free from the shackles of state control, as reformists raise hopes of a new dawn for Indian capitalism. A jolt, not a tweak, to the financial system is desperately needed.

Unchain Indian finance

India needs a litany of reforms to unshackle its stalled capitalist project. Modi’s government should take inspiration from the paradox of Singapore’s activist state and strong private sector.

The effect of sanctions

Russia China

Sanctions propel Russia towards Asia

Sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine have closed off western capital markets to many Russian companies, giving Asia an opportunity to take a greater role. But an easy ride in the east is not guaranteed



Malaysia merger signals Apac consolidation

A three-way banking merger is the biggest yet in Malaysia, part of a regional trend to boost domestic firms to compete locally and abroad. It would also give the country a big contender in Islamic finance.

Chinese Asset Management

Cinda Asset Management chairman Hou Jianhang

CINDA: on the ball or to the wall?

Asset management company Cinda is a stark example of the implausible nature of China’s financial system. It has transformed its business model from an NPL warehouse to what some call a giant shadow bank. With more AMCs in the pipeline, analysts are beginning to question if China understands the risks it is piling up