Sub-Saharan Africa’s rising stars: time to nominate

Kanika Saigal
Published on:

Euromoney seeks nominations for rising stars in sub-Saharan Africa, across the corporate, financial and policymaking world.

Global optimism greets sub-Saharan Africa’s economic prospects, thanks to a slew of pro-market reforms, a growing population of dynamic consumers and investment-worthy projects, among other factors.

Economic growth in the region is well above the global average, with real GDP growth hitting 5% in 2013 and forecast to notch 6% in 2014 by the IMF. Adjusted for inflation, Africa’s GDP has doubled in 10 years, while per-capita GDP has tripled.

As the region's GDP expands, a highly influential group of young leaders, across the corporate, financial and policymaking world, are rising up the ranks.

Euromoney is on the prowl for nominations for Africa’s rising stars – outstanding individuals and power brokers who are changing the financial, investment and business landscape in the region.

Send your nominations, with brief rationales, to

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