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Euromoney’s innovations in wealth management technology awards – submission guidelines


Helen Avery
Published on:

Euromoney’s inaugural Innovation in wealth management technology awards acknowledge the positive contributions from traditional and non-traditional service and product providers in offering solutions to the industry and consumers through the use of technology. Pitches must be received by Friday, September 5.

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The awards will recognize the players who have improved the experience for the client and/or the relationship manager, with a focus on sustainability and business growth.

They take into consideration: the use of big data/data mining; client-facing technology development; and design and usability of digital tools, such as apps and mobile wallets.

There are 22 potential awards to apply for: two for overall innovation and 20 regional.

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Overall Best Innovator in Wealth Management

This category acknowledges banks and wealth managers who have shown broad and global commitment to improving the industry through innovation.

Best Newcomer in Innovation in Wealth Management

This category acknowledges new and non-traditional players who are providing solutions and services to customers to positively disrupt the wealth management industry globally.

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There are four awards within each of the five regions – Western Europe, Eastern Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia, Central and South America,and North America:

  • Best Bank Innovator in Wealth Management for Client-user Experience

This award considers how technology has been used to improve the client-user experience and looks at developments in platform, mobile technology and information distribution. Data on client adoption, interaction uptick and interactive presentations are encouraged.

  • Best Bank Innovator in Wealth Management Product Development

This award considers how innovation has been used to develop products that improve the client experience in managing their wealth, and looks at data mining, research, distribution, investment products, advisory platforms, data aggregation and reporting.

  • Best Non-bank Innovator in Wealth Management

This category acknowledges non-traditional wealth management players for their innovation in client-user experience, advice and/or product solutions in the affluent through to ultra-high-net-worth consumer industry. Pitches are welcome from crowd-finance platforms, online banks, online advisers, software developers and designers.

  • Best App in Wealth Management

This award recognizes the best app from a bank or non-bank in the wealth management industry. Usefulness, client adoption, ease of use and innovation will be considered.


Pitches must be received by Friday, September 5, and can include no more than three pages of text. Email, indicating which award/s you are pitching for. 

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PowerPoint and online/interactive pitches are also welcome. Submissions can be duplicated in more than one region.

Each category will be shortlisted to three, and interviews with those shortlisted will be conducted before mid-September.

Final decisions, including those shortlisted, will be announced in November on and will appear alongside the November issue of Euromoney magazine.