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Thomson Reuters FXExchange2014


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ThomsonReuters FXExchange2014
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2014: FX under the microscope

The FX market is under the microscope like never before, as investigations into the inner workings of the industry continue and market participants prepare for the combined impact of the benchmark scandal and ongoing implementation of new regulations. 

At the same time, the FX market continues to serve well the needs of the world’s real economy. In this inaugural edition of FXExchange, we focus deliberately on the experience of FX end users – banks, asset managers and corporations that need continuous access to deep liquidity to get their business done. 

At Thomson Reuters, we are proud to have recently published a revised rule book for the Matching platform, which encompasses new controls to maintain a fair and orderly trading experience for all participants. It is this kind of initiative that we believe will set the standard for the future integrity of the industry.

As the evolution of the FX market continues, we hope you find the insights in FXExchange illuminating.

Phil WeisbergGlobal Head, FX, Thomson Reuters  


Industry insight
•Beware a liquidity crunch in FX
•E-trading good but not necessarily best execution
•RMB two-way volatility a key hedging challenge
•Price to pay for liquidity in technology arms race
•Axa moves to EMS for granularity in execution control
•The return of relationship banking
•FX probe digs the dirt to clean up market structure
•The impact of regulatory change on corporate FX management
•The effects of volatility on liquidity and fixed income

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