Africa Research survey 2014: Methodology


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Africa research survey 2014Best Managed Companies in Sub-Saharan Africa 2014

Euromoney's 3rd Sub-Saharan Africa Company ranking is based on a survey of market analysts at leading banks and research institutes in the region.

Respondents are asked to nominate the top three companies in each of the countries or sectors they covered, bearing in mind market strength, profitability, growth potential and quality of management and earnings. 

Points are awarded on the scale of 4:3:2 for nominations for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Companies’ results are expressed as a percentage of total points received in each category, together with the number of companies that received points in each category. 

Best Sub-Saharan Africa Research House 2014

The survey is sent out to investors and end-users of Sub-Saharan Africa research products to nominate their best providers. 

Respondents are asked to nominate their top 3 research providers in order of quality by research sector. Research providers received 4 points for a first placed nomination, 3 points for a second place nomination and 2 points for a third place nomination. These points were then totalled to give an overall score. 
We received 675 nominations for 257 companies in the company section of the survey.
We received nominations from 141 investors/respondents for the research section of the survey.
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