Stubbsy and Lawro kick off Euromoney FX Survey Awards dinner – photos

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On Thursday evening, more than 200 foreign-exchange market players from around the world attended the Euromoney FX Survey Awards dinner at Bloomsbury Ballroom.

Citi reclaimed top ranking in the benchmark Euromoney FX Survey. The award was collected by Nadir Mahmud, Citi’s global head of FX and local markets.

The evening was hosted by the legendary broadcasters, and former footballers, Ray Stubbs and Mark Lawrenson. Amid boos for Manchester United and just one month to go before the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil, conviction levels among FX bankers, agitating for gossip and tips from the two sages of sport, reached fever pitch.

Although FX markets provide unrivalled liquidity, judging by the enthusiastic tone of the evening and a 2012 ECB report – registering a 55% fall in volumes in stock trading during the World Cup – FX traders would do well to take a keen interest at volumes next month.