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Trade hangs in the balance

Infrastructure development and streamlined processes have helped the East African Community make great strides to become one of the most successful trading blocs in Africa. But regional inconsistencies threaten to derail further integration

Investment banking strategy

Locals line up for African growth

Investment banking has the potential to be big business in sub-Saharan Africa. But which banks are setting themselves up for success in the region?

Pulse survey


Sub-Saharan Africa set for more equity deals, survey finds

Sub-Saharan Africa’s capital markets continue to make up a tiny proportion of overall global investment banking activity. Investment banking fees for the region in the first eight months of the year totalled less than $200 million, a fraction of a global fee pool of close to $60 billion, according to data from Thomson Reuters.


Abebe Aemro Selassie, deputy director, IMF’s African Department

IMF: take the long view on Africa

Abebe Aemro Selassie, deputy director of the IMF’s African Department, understands why corporates in sub-Saharan Africa see the glass as half empty when it comes to their funding options. He is encouraged by developments that are reducing their reliance on bank credit

Euromoney Country Risk


Corruption still weighs down Sub-Saharan Africa

Euromoney Country Risk’s expert panel identifies corruption as the main political risk factor in most countries in the region, though overall economic risk has fallen since 2011