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“No company would ever buy another just for tax reasons. Inversions are more an added value component for strategic M&A deals with their own sound rationale. Wait a minute. Are we talking on background and not for attribution? Oh, well in that case. Yes, of course, tax has driven most of the recent surge in M&A”
This M&A banker leaves the bank’s PR person head in hands.
“The people who should understand what big data is in an investment bank are the people that don’t. The IT crowd might think they’ve been using big data, but I guarantee you they’re about as clued up on this as my 97-year-old grandfather”
A technology advisor lets rip against investment banks’ ivory-towered IT staff
“Each M&A cycle tests what the regulators will permit. I’d be surprised this time around to see the French authorities block a foreign takeover of Danone based on the national importance of yoghurt”
This investment banker hopes he can keep milking the M&A market
“Right, do you want me to tell you what I say to the regulators when I go to Washington or do you want me to tell you what I really think?”
Euromoney wonders if they are ever the same thing for this senior banker
“If rates go back to 4%, all the money in loan funds and short-duration funds will disappear. It is there as a rate hedge. It is not there because investors love loans”
One asset manager warns against complacency in the loan market