Asia’s global champions reveal their banking needs

Chris Wright, Anuj Gangahar
Published on:

Asia’s corporate titans are rapidly becoming lucrative clients for fee-hungry global banks. Euromoney interviews five top Asian corporate treasurers to discuss their transactional and capital-market banking needs amid fierce competition between local and global banking players.

For banks, serving companies in the region that are expanding their global tentacles is not about fulfilling historic relationships but ensuring revenue-generation for decades to come, as the IBMs and GMs of this century emerge from across Asia-Pacific. Forming these bonds will ensure the long-term survival of global banks.

Competition is fierce not just from the usual-suspect international banks but from powerful Asian houses that enjoy a cultural alignment with the companies, which is difficult for international banks to replicate.

Here, five emerging Asian corporate powers share their thoughts about what it takes to win their banking mandates:

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