China cash management debate: Participants


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China cash mangement debate: Banks in China simplify a complicated world.
Liu Sheng Liang (LSL) is financial controller of a top European luxury brand in Shanghai. He has been responsible for treasury and finance affairs in the luxury industry for many years.
Wei Yao (WY) is deputy senior manager of the corporate and institutional banking department at Bank of Communications. Yao, who has a Masters in biochemical engineering, is in charge of cash management, electronic billing, customer integration and information management systems.
Albert Wolfmayr (AW) has been the regional treasurer at Porsche Corporate Finance in China for the past three years, having set up the department from scratch. Before joining Porsche, he worked as a treasury consultant in German-speaking Europe.
Hong Lin (HL) is director of the corporate banking unit at Bank of China’s head office, which he joined in 1987. He took charge of Bank of China’s cash-management business three years ago.
Yatao Zuo (YZ) has been vice-president of Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes since May 2008. He has a Masters in management and is a certified public accountant and senior accountant.
Michael Wu (MW) is the director of trade finance and cash-management corporates, and south China head and acting head of cash-management corporates at Deutsche Bank (China), Shanghai branch. He has more than 12 years’ banking experience.