Awards for Excellence: Blood clot and goodnight

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We don’t expect everyone to agree with the decisions we make in our global Awards for Excellence. In fact, at Euromoney we welcome constructive criticism and a healthy debate.

So when our editor received a voicemail from one disgruntled customer of Santander in England, complaining about our decision to give it the best bank in the UK award, we began to listen with interest.

His initial grumbles – about Santander’s previously poor record around customer services, and what he perceived to be excessive bank charges – are standard jibes thrown not just at Santander but many UK banks.

But the biggest vitriol was aimed at Euromoney’s editor, not Santander UK chief Ana Botín.

"I hope you find satisfaction in your life, and don’t go back home every night feeling your life is empty and meaningless," he said towards the end of a long, rambling message.

But he was just starting to warm up, saying we were "swimming in a soup of gluttony, day-to-day, effectively drinking the body tissue of broken Britain through a straw".

And the big finish: "Well, I hope you have a blood clot one day really. And goodnight."

Charming to the end.