China Retail Gold Survey 2012: Methodology

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China gold investors survey results
The Euromoney China gold investors survey was open from June 4 to July 20. All responses were collected online from investors in gold and gold-backed products from the People’s Republic of China. Euromoney received 624 responses, which were weighted to reflect the size and per capita GDP of each province:

AreaPercentage weighting
Shanghai area28.12%
Beijing area22.27%
Guangzhou area9.59%
Jiangsu province4.47%
Shandong province8.82%
Henan province8.24%
Liaoning province7.17%
Rest of China11.31%

Respondents were asked to name banks whose gold investment services they used, which were given the weightings:

ServicesPercentage weighting
Physical gold investing 30%
Gold-backed/linked paper products 20%
Gold-backed/linked structured products 20%
Shanghai Exchange deferred spot contract 30%

Respondents were asked to rate their providers on a scale of one (poor) to seven (excellent) for a number of criteria relating to client service, product range and investment strategy and advice

The score is calculated as the arithmetic mean of all the voted ratings (from 1 -7 where 1= very poor 7 = excellent) given to a bank for that category, with any responses that vote 1 in every voted category or which vote 7 in every voted category excluded.

Scores were calculated by arithmetic mean of scores achieved by all nominated banks, with banks requiring a minimum coverage ratio of 5% of the response base to be included in the results.

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