US election: Obama versus Romney

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A round-up of Euromoney's recent coverage of the impact for banking and capital markets ahead of the US election.

USD and the election: It’s the fiscal cliff, stupid
November 2012
The dollar comes into a tight US election on the front foot, but that is more a reflection of concerns elsewhere in the world than the voting intentions in Ohio. That could be about to change.

Wall Street whacks Obama right in the coffers
November 2012 
While Obama’s top-five campaign donors are an eclectic bunch, Romney’s could be mistaken for a league table of quarterly investment banking revenue.

The $10 trillion wager: Obama versus Romney, stocks/bonds edition
October 2012 

Abigail with attitude: Republicans vs. Democrats
Euromoney October 2012 
A Republican victory was viewed as good for markets.

Romney and Obama fumble bank reform
September 2012 
"Politicians have stopped making sense in financial services”

US urged to end ‘phoney’ China currency war
May 2012
Leading China expert Stephen Roach this week slammed US policy on China’s exchange rate, urging Washington to ‘re-focus’ its priorities or risk a protectionist backlash

Obama – Good or bad for the markets? 
November 2008 weeklyFiX 

How the dollar, US equities and fixed income have performed under the various US presidents since 1976.

Source: BNP Paribas FX Strategy