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THE WORLD HAS become ever more unpredictable in the past 12 months. In the space of weeks, popular protests in Egypt and Tunisia have toppled entrenched regimes and reminded investors of the inherently risky nature of emerging markets business. Elsewhere, doubts about the sustainability of Chinese growth and inflationary pressures in Asia have had many investors running to the sidelines. Simultaneously, governments and central banks in the eurozone have struggled with high levels of public-sector and private-sector debt and faced anaemic growth elsewhere in the developed world. Hungry for higher yields, many investors have sought to gain exposure to resource-rich, frontier markets in sub-Saharan Africa and central Asia. But where can they find the expertise to guide them through the political, social and economic factors that will make or break their investments?

Step forward Euromoney Country Risk, the latest word in risk management from Euromoney. Drawing on the its wide network of economists and risk management professionals, Euromoney has provided the latest word on political, social and economic factors that influence the commercial attractiveness of a particular market.

An updated version of Euromoney’s long-standing survey of country risk, Euromoney Country Risk takes the existing methodology and places it at the nexus of a vibrant social networking platform. The resulting interface is both a powerful analytical tool and a real-time news service that enables users to tap into the expertise of economists around the world.

Previously, users of the semi-annual survey had to wait for up to six months before witnessing how global events had affected score changes. Now users can receive the tried and tested results of the survey in real time. As a user, you can follow and provide a score for any country of your choice. As well as monitoring score changes in real time, you will receive news flow on your selected countries from a full range of Euromoney titles. Beyond this, you will also have access to original research published by the ECR editorial team. If that wasn’t enough, by following experts who cover the region, you will be able to contact them directly and read their published research on the site.

Euromoney Country Risk now measures up to 60 different categories of risk across a spectrum of political, economic and structural criteria. The site is now in beta. 

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